Our Story

Arcitecta is a creative and innovative software company. Founded in 1998, we're on a mission to build the world’s best data management platforms.

In the mid-1990's, long before "Big Data" became a buzzword, we realised that data would underpin every human endeavour and create a significant explosion in all forms of data during the coming decades. The first lines of our flagship platform were written in 2001 with the vision to deliver organisations with extraordinary technology for handling all forms of data, from small to very large and complex. This was just the beginning.

Over years of entrepreneurship, Mediaflux has formed the foundation for managing the simplest, and the most complex data, for individuals through to large teams of people at global enterprises. Our experience in working with our customers in defining the questions they need answered has simplified data intensive workflows, and exposed pioneering ways for our partners to improve their businesses and people's lives.

Global sales team and support
339,966 active users
30% of revenue into R&D
Moving 10's of Petabytes of Data Per Month

Founded in 1998, we're proudly independent.

Our Mission

With the right abstractions it's possible to represent any thing or any concept and to solve any problem with software. We are driven by the challenge to unify and optimize what is otherwise disparate data, at increasing scales and need for interoperability and exploitation.

One of our greatest joys has been creating products that make a significant and long-term contribution to the way people value and leverage data – no matter what their enterprise.

Every year we invest heavily in research, development and innovation with a focus on ensuring our foundations are rock solid. We constantly take on new problems that guide us to solve some of the world's biggest data problems today, and ensure our products are relevant into the future. The best part of building our technology is seeing what the world does with it.

We will always continue to push the boundaries in every direction to do bigger data better.

Our People

An important part of the experience of working with Arcitecta is that each interaction is a collaboration to find the best possible solutions. An ongoing conversation permeates everything we do. We form part of your team from the beginning, that’s exactly how we operate with all customers, no matter the size of your company.

Jason Lohrey

Founder and CEO of Arcitecta

Quantum-physicist, artist, software-sculptor, innovator.

Jason recognised the concept of "Big Data" long before it became a buzzword, and that access to the broadest sets of data would provide the foundation for identifying patterns and making new discoveries.

Arcitecta's purpose was crystallised in 2001 at Bundanon. The creative space, once the home of Australian painter Arthur Boyd, provided the perfect environment to distil Arcitecta's purpose. Surrounded by writers, sculptors, painters and choreographers, Jason penned the first lines of Mediaflux and formed Arcitecta's vision: to create the best possible technology for handling all forms of data, with the capability to solve the most demanding data management problems with the simplest possible solutions.

Founding the company independently has given Jason control of his entrepreneurial mission without compromise – to create a product that makes a significant and long-term contribution to the way people value and leverage data, no matter what their enterprise.

Meet The Leadership Team

Graham Beasley
Anna Smith
Frank Radefeldt
SVP Customer Success
Susanne Sperber
Director of Marketing
John Platten

Our Culture

We are outcome driven, process-oriented, creative and inventive, and we celebrate and care for every individual member of our team that helps us to achieve that.

Our ethos is to celebrate the combining of science and art; it’s embedded in our daily lives and is the key to achieving what others believe is impossible.

We engage in projects that feed our curiosity and creativity, that encourage our team to think from new perspectives. We focus on continuous improvement to amplify our community's ability to do their best work, and invest heavily in ongoing research, development and innovation.

Arcitecta is a green business. Whenever possible, we reduce our environmental footprint through a variety of mechanisms, such as using natural light and airflow throughout our beautiful converted warehouse in Melbourne, minimising consumables, and using public transport.

We are always looking for innovative thinkers and doers


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