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Putting clinicians in control of healthcare data.

Healthcare organisations of all sizes are facing the same digitalisation challenges. Clinical and research data is collected, transformed, and shared across a complex ecosystem including medical research institutes, hospitals, universities and community service providers. Data management sits at the core of this transformation, and clinicians now require high quality, well-coded digital health data, in each stage of its managed lifecycle. This becomes even more challenging when considering cost-effective system adaptations as the business evolves to continuously ensure the organisational data advances.

Effective point of care decision support and clear healthcare insights requires a dynamic and interoperable data management and automation platform.


An agile clinical data management system for health practitioners and researchers.

Mediaflux is the core of CAReHR: an advanced and flexible healthcare data solution developed by Arcitecta in collaboration with leading hospital specialists.

CAReHR makes it easier to manage complex interdisciplinary health records through a single system that clinicians can simply and intuitively navigate from anywhere on any devices.

Patient-centric interoperability

Advance patient care by securely exchanging and accessing information across the healthcare ecosystem.

CAReHR talks to hospital central patient administration systems (e.g. iPM via HL7), interacts with My Health Record and government data exchange programs for reporting and funding purposes (e.g. DSS), exports data to national federated research databases (e.g. Biogrid), and more.

Data sharing & reporting

PDF reports for GP and patient summary notes are one click away. Printing prescriptions, referrals, pathology requests and comprehensive medico-legal reports is a breeze. CAReHR also offers powerful reporting tools for clinical insights, research statistics, and data sharing — de-identified or not – along with the ability to integrate with dashboards such as PowerBI and Tableau.

A secure platform that protects your practice’s data and controls access.

Dynamic security model

Role-based security model. Access control is a first-class citizen: straightforward yet powerful enough to achieve data isolation for total privacy and safety.

Full audit trail

Everything is audited and every change is versioned. Gain insight and monitor who accessed what, when and from where.

Secure hosting and recovery

Protect your clinical assets. A proven track record of data security, worry-free hosting options, and a full set of enterprise backup and disaster recovery solutions.

CAReHR is trusted by:

Royal melbourne hospital

The Victorian Infectious Diseases Service (VIDS) department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has implemented CAReHR to manage its patient healthcare data across associated clinics. Clinicians and practitioners, without special IT database skills, are able to dynamically configure how the system captures data based on clinical needs in relation to different conditions, risk factors and symptoms, pathology tests, and design forms to capture the exact structured data that they need to obtain for both clinical and research.

In this complex hospital environment, we interoperate with other core system components including the hospital's central patient administration system (iPM) for health data exchange and to eliminate double data entry, and with the hospital's CMS for archiving purposes. Similarly, we have clinics running CAReHR in Royal Children Hospital and Barwon Health to facilitate clinical and research activities within and across precincts. CAReHR is also used to export data to BioGrid to facilitate population health research at a national level.


STARTTS has undergone a significant digital transformation using the CAReHR platform. Patient records that were previously separated across multiple incompatible and isolated access points are now available through a single system that enables collaboration, and allows accurate data to be shared between trusted STARTTS sister agencies and external referrers. CAReHR has transformed STARTTS into a more effective and innovative health service organisation, that can now better focus on their core mission of improving the quality of patient care and offering services to more people. To learn more about STARTTS digital journey, read the full case study here.

“The reality is that now we are able to see more clients much more efficiently, and as a direct result of the statistics we can now access with CAReHR, we are able to expand the service processes beyond what would have been possible before.”

Ms. Carlena Tu, Client Information Manager, STARTTS


Following the success at STARTTS, sister organisations STTARS and ASeTTS (from South Australia and Western Australia respectively) adopted CAReHR to transform how their data was managed across multiple sites. While sharing similar compliance, funding requirements and business concepts, each agency had different legacy systems, diverged data sets to capture with different nomenclature, and unique business process to model. To coordinate multiple sites the consistency principle had to be followed—while reserving flexibility wherever required—which CAReHR’s flexible schemas and templates could easily facilitate.

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