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The life science data challenge

Pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations are under intense pressures, from competitive product launch cycles through to the critical need for research into population health to cope with major changes in the environment. Lacking a capable data management platform, data scientists and bioinformaticians have to resort to time consuming and expensive manual data management activities that don't scale.

Considering the processing, moving, storing and keeping track of ever increasing amounts of data; together with the challenges of security, safely and economically storing data long term; and the need to find that data in the future, better data management could drive blockbuster results for life sciences companies.


Mediaflux: Specifically designed to meet every data need.

Mediaflux is a robust next-generation flexible data and metadata management platform. Mediaflux unifies life science data silos into a secure distributed collaborative environment, across a single global namespace—so scientists can focus on science, instead of tedious data management.

How Mediaflux can help

Automatically tier and move data.

Enable secure data access worldwide within a single global namespace.

Automate analysis workflows.

Tag data with instrument and project metadata to search, report and act on billions of files.

Accelerate secondary analysis and reduce storage costs.

Whitepaper: Next Generation Research Data Management

Organizations understand the value of research, but sometimes lack the right data management techniques to preserve and unlock in ways that are flexible enough to yield rich insights, minimize costs, and also comply with data security, governance and protection requirements.

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Novartis NIBR uses Mediaflux to virtualise file systems on multiple sites. We have scanned over 5 billion files: in the POC phases we scanned and computed checksums on over 2.3 billion files (around 10PB of data). We used a Mediaflux distributed cluster to compute checksums on the 10PB of data. The current environment is around 20PB, 5 billion+ files to be virtualized across disk (EMC Isilon), object storage (EMC ECS) and cloud (Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and possibly Microsoft Azure).

Genome Institute of Singapore

The Genome Institute of Singapore uses Mediaflux to manage their rapidly expanding volume of genome sequencing data. Mediaflux allows GIS to leverage the power of metadata by automatically extracting comprehensive metadata from data on ingest, creating an actionable index across multiple data types. Mediaflux’s powerful workflow tools enable researchers to more rapidly find and retrieve the data they need. Data management tasks that previously took days to accomplish can now be achieved in hours.

See how Mediaflux handles big genomics data.


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