Point in Time

Resilience for the Data Age.

Forget backup as you know it
Mediaflux Point in Time - resilience for data at scale.

Point in Time will radically change your experience of backup. Achieve a recovery point objective (RPO) of milliseconds - no matter the amount of data - terabytes, petabytes, or beyond.

View data in 4D with Point in Time

Point in Time will dramatically change your experience of recovery. Visualise every point in time. Locate and access your data at the press of a button, achieving a recovery time objective (RTO) of zero.

Rewind the damage
Rollback ransomware attacks

Recover from ransomware faster than ever, without giving malicious actors a cent. As simple as using a remote, the Point in Time slider rewinds the file system to any point before the attack. Recover files in perfect condition. Get back to what’s important.

Initiate data recovery at lightning speeds

Point in Time’s wildcard search and intuitive interface makes finding a single file amongst billions instant and painless. With Point in Time any non-IT person in any enterprise can self-serve data restoration effortlessly.

Traverse the entire continuum

Do it Yourself (DIY) – No IT/helpdesk required

Mediaflux’s Point in Time GUI puts end-users in the driver’s seat. IT intervention for data recovery is a thing of the past. Any user in the enterprise simply logs in to Point In Time with their corporate credentials to access a single, global namespace and search for lost data. There’s no need to worry about where data is stored.

Users easily traverse the enterprise-wide file system – accessing all points in time as though it’s all online. When they find what they need, the can initiate any recall from deep storage and access data themselves.

Point in Time provides:
  • A record of every significant change to all files in a single global file system.
  • Easy navigation to any point in time via the Mediaflux Point in Time GUI.
  • A visualisation of every file, regardless of whether they exist in the past, or future up to the present – by simply moving a slider.
  • The ability to apply any point in time to your own session – to view and access the file system as it was at the selected point in time using standard file system protocols.
  • Wildcard searching across all points in time – find files in milliseconds, no matter when or where they existed, even if you have billions or more files.
Drag left or right to move the time slider.
Scoll up or down to zoom in/out on the time slider.
Resilience in real-time

Continuous, real-time recording reduces the window for loss, making it possible to achieve a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) within milliseconds, minimising the impact of data loss on both businesses and employees.

User self-service

Achieve a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of zero with an interface so user-friendly any end user can recover lost or misplaced data without the help of IT.

Resilience at any scale

As we enter the realms of billions of files and petabytes or more data, Point in Time offers the most resilient and efficient approach by continuously saving changes to the file system over virtualised storage.

Recover the necessary

Users recover only what they need based on their selection. There’s no need to restore a whole snapshot. Find and recover only the essentials without help from IT - even if a file name is changed.


For more information on how Point in Time achieves the peaks of data resilience, download the materials below.


Mediaflux Point in Time
Solution Brief

Problem Statement: Continuous Inline Data Protection

Analyst Reports

DCIG Executive White Paper #1:
Achieving Data Resilience at Scale Requires a New Approach to Backup and Recovery

DCIG Executive White Paper #1:
Achieving Data Resilience at Scale Requires a New Approach to Backup and Recovery

DCIG Executive White Paper #2:
Cyberattacks and Ransomware Accentuate the Need for Rapid Recovery

DCIG Executive White Paper #3: Architecting for Rapid Recovery at Scale

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