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Multi-Factor protection between all sensitive data operations.

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Bolstering data security.

In an age of data breaches and increasing government penalties, it’s never been more important for enterprises to safeguard their data. Our new Multi-Factor Authentication and Authorisation (MFA&A) application Mediaflux Pocket helps businesses and enterprises meet government data security compliance standards, while significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Protection at every level.

Our multi-factor is built into the core of Mediaflux. This allows Mediaflux Pocket to protect data at all levels, from global file systems to federated storage. System wide MFA&A significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access, data modification, and deletion. The policy for MFA&A can be set per file, per collection or directory, and system wide. Increase security measures where they're needed most.

Adjustable levels of security.

Tailor secondary factors to suit the level of restriction. Pass codes and PIN’s can be instantiated for users that present low levels of risk, or don’t have access to highly sensitive data. For users that have access to highly sensitive data stricter requirements such as biometrics can be implemented, requiring face scanning or fingerprint reading before allowing user access. Customisable verification processes offer enterprises a level of granularity and customisability for their security practices.

Safeguards against phishing or brute force attacks.

Even if initial password verification is bypassed by a phishing or brute force attack Mediaflux Pocket prevents unauthorised access. By requiring the compromised user’s personal device to gain access, remote attackers are effectively locked out and are unable to steal, delete, or hold sensitive data to ransom.

Security against internal threats.

For instances of data deletion or movement, the operation needs to be initiated by a user, verified through MFA&A, and then permitted by either a sys admin or manager. This ensures any critical activities can be verified for intent. By sending push notifications to sys admins or security officers that state both who has initiated the operation, and what the operation is, provides a comprehensive audit trail for enterprises. Mediaflux Pocket empowers sys admins to identify and respond to risky or suspicious actions immediately.

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Available on both iOS and Android. To set up Mediaflux Pocket functionality, simply follow the instructions on the Mediaflux Registration Portal. For more information about how to setup your device follow the instructions stipulated in the Mediaflux Pocket user guide. Mediaflux Pocket is available for download on both iOS and Android Devices.

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