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Embark on a career that focuses on meaningful projects. No matter your role, the contributions you make here will realise a vital mission, to deploy technology that empowers humanity’s most ambitious and impactful endeavours.

A Proven Champion

Independent, profitable, and time-tested with over twenty years of experience and no signs of slowing. You’ll get to work at an agile business that provides diverse challenges, and work on global projects with world-leading enterprises. By working directly with our customers you’ll get to see how the work you’ve made makes a real-world impact.

An Innovation First Company

You’ll be given the freedom to create and the space to dive deep into some of the toughest challenges in computing. By building from first-principles you’ll craft novel, use-specific, solutions for major industries. Enhance your skill set as you develop bespoke software for an array of diverse industries. Work with satisfaction knowing your code is cutting edge, performing at the highest calibre on a global stage. You’ll be solving problems other’s simply can’t.

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Hiring Opportunities

We’re always looking for new people, with fresh ideas, in these key domains.

Software Engineering

Curious, creative, and looking to make an impact?

We're interested.

Front End Developer

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic JavaScript UI designers and developers who are passionate about design and always prepared to tackle new challenges and expose pioneering ways for our partners to improve their businesses and people’s lives.

With your technical expertise you will manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables for interesting, challenging and often ground-breaking projects in some of the most demanding data environments; Life Sciences, Research, Healthcare, Geospatial, Media and Entertainment and Defence and Intelligence.

You will design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and enhance beautiful, creative and user-friendly UIs and UI features.

Working as part of a team of highly skilled developers, your commitment to team collaboration, perfect communication, and a quality product is crucial.


Backend Developer

For creative and inquisitive problem solvers. We’re looking for developers highly skilled in Java, data structures, and a robust understanding of computer science.

You’ll be working directly with customers to deploy Mediaflux successfully within their computing environment, and building bespoke Mediaflux iterations to address specific customer needs. You will also retool active deployments to address changing needs. The work will be outcome focused, as you actively solve problems for customers working on ground-breaking projects across varying industries like; Life Sciences, Research, Healthcare, Geospatial, Media and Entertainment, and Defence and Intelligence.

You will develop software that manages billions of files and beyond.

To collaborate with our team of talented developers, accurate communication, outcome orientation, and goal management is imperative.


Full Stack

A call for adaptable and agile coders. You’ll be context and language switching to adjust to changing needs on the fly. Highly competent developers with Java, Javascript UI, data structures, and NoSQL are a must.

With your technical expertise you will manage individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables for challenging and often ground-breaking projects in some of the most demanding data environments; Life Sciences, Research, Healthcare, Geospatial, Media and Entertainment and Defence and Intelligence.

You will fundamentally develop and enhance our Mediaflux code in all aspects.

As someone working between teams, flexibility and adaptability are necessary. Your communication must be precise, and your goals always oriented towards peak product performance. As a point of contact with our valued customers, business acumen is a must.



Curious, creative, and looking to make an impact?

We're interested.

Graphic Designer

A call for visual artists and creative thinkers. We’re seeking people who know how to use multiple design suite tools such as InDesign, Photoshop, Blender, and any other tricks of the trade to create striking imagery that enhances the Arcitecta brand and message.

The core of your responsibilities will be creating imagery that captures attention for our marketing materials. Regardless of the material, whether its for a presentation, a trade show, website, or brochure, the art needs to communicate the thematic essence of the material and show what makes the Arcitecta brand, and products, stand apart from the pack.

Working primarily in our creative team, you’ll need to be able to understand some of the concepts we work with and how to visualise them in unique and artistic ways. Strong communication skills will be just as vital as a sense of experimentation. We urge our creative team to immerse themselves in new technologies and learn new ways to deliver meaning through visual communication.


Interactive Art Developer

Merge the capabilities of modern computing with the artistic process. We’re looking for talented coders that can combine mediums to make art that reacts to audience engagement. Create works that immerse our audience and highlight how we’re different from the rest.

Our Interactive Artists are responsible for designing and developing visually stunning and engaging interactive experiences across various platforms, such as websites, mobile applications, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. You will work closely with our multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, and executives to bring concepts to life and ensure the seamless integration of art and technology.

A strong sense of creativity is needed. Communication skills are a must, as your work must cohere with our messaging. You will be collaborating with a talented pool of artists and designers, creating artworks innovative, novel, and engaging.



Curious, creative, and looking to make an impact?

We're interested.

Marketing Manager

Looking for vibrant and creative marketing managers to champion the Arcitecta difference with the ability to craft strategies that hit desired outcomes.

Embark on a career where creativity and diversity of approach is welcomed. Shape content that melds visual art, video, sound design, social media, and creative writing with a talented pool of in-house artists. Be encouraged to find inventive, artful ways to publicise Arcitecta’s mission and products. Your primary responsibilities would include: creating social media plans, editing content for optimal SEO outcomes, designing marketing strategies, and industry networking.

Your vision will shape our content, and the mark you make will endure across a diverse range of produced mediums.

Your ability to research and isolate current market trends, while also producing ideas that make us stand out from the pack will be vital. Robust business and networking skills are necessary in this role.


Technical Writer

Are you able to communicate complex, industry specific concepts with precision and clarity? If you possess these skills along with a robust knowledge of computer science, we’re interested.

Combine your computing expertise with content creation. You will be writing user manuals, technical briefs, and marketing materials for our products. Responsible for all writing that needs industry specificity, you’ll be getting hands on with both our products and our use cases, tooling materials specifically for customer training, trade shows, and demonstrations.

Your work will create vital resources that accurately describe what our products achieve, and how they achieve these outcomes.

You will work with both our creative and software team, providing vital guidance in the creation of technical diagrams, and content briefing. Accurate communication is a must. Extensive research and editing skills are crucial for this role.


Creative Writer

Looking for creative and curious writers. For people with the distinct ability to capture a voice and apply the aesthetics of poetry, prose, and narrative to written content.

You will create content used in our media and marketing that makes our mission of intersecting art and technology visible. The content you develop will vary in mode, writing across blogs, case studies, websites, scripts, print documents, and websites.

At the forefront you’ll be broadcasting the ground-breaking work the talented Arcitecta team accomplish in distinct verticals such as; Life Sciences, Research, Healthcare, Geospatial, Media and Entertainment, and Defence and Intelligence.

Working as part of a team of highly skilled creatives, your input on messaging and intent of written pieces will help inform the accompanying imagery. You’ll need to be a team player, clear communicator, and diligent in terms of quality.


Business Development

Curious, creative, and looking to make an impact?

We're interested.

Technical Account Manager

Seeking prospects that love meeting new people and providing hands-on support. As one of our Technical Account Managers you’ll be meeting with our key stakeholders and ensuring long-lasting customer satisfaction.

A mix of technical skills and business knowledge is a must in this role. You’ll be providing in person support, and making sure our customer’s deployments are performing at the highest level. You will need to be able to offer solutions, identify and flag problem areas for prolonged support, and instruct new end-users on our product’s functions and capabilities. For many of our customers you will be their continued point of communication, as such, high-level communication skills are a must.

By listening to our customers you will help shape their deployments into something tailored for their enterprise. Your correspondence will not only build strong customer relations, but build better products for new customers in the future.


T-Shape Business Developer

Looking for testers with keen eyes. Experience in data management software with a knowledge of common pain points in distributed, large scale, data environments is preferable.

Push our code to its limits, simulate use cases, and test products for compatibility. Brief our talented tech team on potential issues, ensuring our software remains secure, stable, and performant. Test drive our newest updates. Your primary responsibilities will be integral in ensuring our product quality. Strong research skills are a must. Your expert opinion will shape our deployments, and play a crucial role in our business strategy.

Your analysis will be the end-point of our rigorous quality assurance, ensuring our products are delivered at the highest level.

Working directly with our developers, your ability to communicate clearly, collaborate, contribute in meetings, and diligently assure our software quality is vital.


Are you a Student or Graduate?

Opportunities for creative problem solvers.

Student Internships

Gain real-life experience, solving real-life problems.

At Arcitecta an Intern is a valued team member. We want you to work with us when it works for you, during a study break, or the academic year, in our Melbourne headquarters, or overseas, our internships are always designed to balance the needs of the intern and the company.

Work with a likeminded team of creative and talented software engineers as you some of the most pressing problems in the data industry. Get the opportunity to work on projects for world-leading customers while also growing your skills in coding, problem solving, and communication. The connections and skills you’ll develop here here will prove invaluable as you further your career.

An internship at Arcitecta isn’t a day job, it’s a path to realising your potential.


Graduate Software Makers

Curious, creative, and looking to make an impact?

We're interested.

The Role

Arcitecta seeks a graduate full-stack software maker to join our highly skilled and innovative engineering team based in Melbourne. You will be working with the team responsible for developing the core Mediaflux platform requiring solid foundations in maths, computer science, software engineering and an aptitude for object-oriented software construction in various languages.

In this role, you will have an opportunity to make everything from device drivers and file systems to end-user applications and everything in between. Our primary software languages are Java at the core and JavaScript at the edge. If you have not used those languages (but are generally good with languages), we’ll help you.

If you are a maker and willing and able to step into world-class software engineering problems, even when there are many unknowns and no matter the task, then Arcitecta is the right place for you.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Software Development, Computer Science or other equivalent qualification.

  • An understanding of algorithms and data structures.

  • An understanding of object-oriented software construction.

  • An understanding of software engineering principles and practices.

  • A proven preference for pragmatism over dogma (you should be able to argue for or against any tech or design decision in a cogent and objective way).

  • Ability to proactively identify new and emerging trends and suggest ways how we can use them.

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently or in a team.

  • Excellent written skills.

Desirable Skills

  • Experience with Java (or C++ or C#).

  • Experience with multi-threading.

  • Experience with network protocols.

  • Experience with security paradigms.

  • Experience with agile software development.

  • Experience estimating and delivering on time.

  • Experience with revision control systems and practices (we use GIT).

Arcitecta is the Right Place for You, if You

  • Are motivated to become a world-class software maker.

  • Are an abstract thinker curious to understand the world through the lens of data structures and algorithms.

  • Want to be part of a modern, global, rapidly expanding company that is doing something exciting.

  • Like to regularly demonstrate working software.

  • Are organised and a good manager of time.

  • Think and act creatively to solve problems.

  • Are a good communicator and collaborator.

  • Take pride in your work and are willing to go the extra mile.


Hack2Hire Challenge

Seeking the next generation of problem solvers.

Show us what you can do and dive straight into the thick of it. Featuring multiple challenges applicable to varying skill sets, you’ll be tested to use your creativity, foundational knowledge, and problem solving skills. With seven days to submit a solution, and nothing but your skills and processes to guide you through, do you think you’re up to the test? If so, follow the link below.