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Using geospatial data to uncover patterns to focus resources on the ground at the right place and time.

With the explosion of data from satellites, sensors and IoT, comes opportunities to solve long-standing business problems in ways unthinkable earlier . And it's no longer just government agencies extracting its value. Large industries like oil & gas, metals, agriculture, mining, construction, shipping and environment industries are all significantly exposed to the physical world, which demands improved workflows and exploitation of data, as well as monitoring of storage costs. Mediaflux does the seamlessly.

By simply dragging and dropping data into Mediaflux, any enterprise can take advantage of the automatic extraction of metadata (this is central to how Mediaflux operates) to know what geospatial data they have, and to effectively search and manage diverse data and workflows — from land, air, sea, ships and space.


Mediaflux capability

Mediaflux creates a 'one-stop-shop' for geospatial data. Anyone within an organisation can leverage and share spatial data and information using one platform — from any device, from anywhere in the world — drastically increasing adoption and transforming workflows.

Unlimited tracking

On a single license, Mediaflux can track and manage as many objects as you need, with no extra cost.

Unrestricted metadata

Record information and manage any object with as much metadata and spatial geometries that you need.

Boundless relationships

Use uni-or-bi-directional named relationships and loosely coupled collections to easily group related objects.

Any file format

Support data exchange in any binary file format with deeper insights into industry or proprietary files on request.

Replicate file system

Ability to replicate information across distributed systems that can handle queries across remote sites.

Track over time

Track any object (assets, sites, personel, facility) with telemetry information from airborne sensors over time.

What to expect from Mediaflux.

Customisable system for heightened productivity.

Mediaflux is a game changer for productivity at almost every level. Maps and geospatial data can be integrated with existing business environments to provide individual users the ability to create their own maps based unique requirements such as conditions or risk factors to aid their decision-making.

Integrating information for richer insights.

Mediaflux can connect with existing asset management system and business intelligence applications for a single world view of disparate data systems. Pulling all data feeds into a single platform, Mediaflux enriches the data with additional contextual information such as weather feeds and vehicle tracking over time, to deliver the full picture.

Real-time geographic information, real-time smarts.

Real-time geographic information provides added context and is a powerful competitive advantage. From gauging the effectiveness of asset outputs to assessing safety hazards based on temperature pressure, flow rates and changes in the environment. With unique 'geo-fencing' functionality, create events and alerts that occur in real-time within specified locations, such as locating vehicles and staff as part of safety monitoring and reporting.

Mediaflux is trusted by:


DigitalGlobe, the world's leading provider of high-resolution Earth imagery, has been using Mediaflux since 2015 to manage the extreme volume and velocity of data in their commercial imagery archive. From ingest, through to processing workflow, Mediaflux has become an integral part of DigitalGlobe's data management strategy, and has enabled them to continually expand the level of service to customers.

"Mediaflux provides core data management and workflow functions for the entirety of DigitalGlobe's commercial imagery archive. Arcitecta plays a crucial role in the DigitalGlobe data management ecosystem. The Mediaflux cluster manages over 20 petabytes of data, ingesting around 70-100TB of new data per day. The DigitalGlobe Mediaflux system currently moves up to 3.5PB (and growing) of data between storage tiers per month."

- Turner Brinton, Sr. Manager, Public Relations, DigitalGlobe

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