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To log a support request please visit our support page or contact Arcitecta Global Support at:

E: T (AUS): +61 3 9029 3437 T (USA): +1 720 583 4006

Like our technology, our support is easy to use so you’ll receive the help you need, when you need it.

Arcitecta offers complete support services for all products, including 12 months Bronze Support services from the time of purchase. Bronze Support services can be extended as required, both in terms of response time, and hours of coverage as described below.

Bronze support Silver support Gold support Customised support
This service is tailored to customers that can’t accept system down-time and want more immediate response This service is tailored organisations who rely on Mediaflux for large scale day to day operations but don’t want to employ or train dedicated staff We understand that no two businesses are the same that’s why we offer custom support package designed to fit your business. Whether you’re after specific IT solutions or long-term business IT services, we can tailor our support services to provide additional layers of value for any of your businesses data operations and initiatives. Visit our custom support options below, or get in touch to talk about how we can support you to bring your ideas to life.
Support Hours 8 x 5* 24 x 7* 24 x 7 x 365
General Response Time Within 1 business day Same business day response Same business day response
Urgent Ticket SLA As fast as 1 hour**
Access to patches, updates and new features
Access to product installation, configuration, setup and usage advice
Access to minor releases***
Monthly support meeting to discuss the performance of the system and possible enhancements
Access to engineers familiar with the system for advice and tuning help
Vetted engineers that have full access to the system to offer immediate support and help triage and fault isolate issues to quickly bring a system online or suggest contingencies
Arcitecta engineers are part of the greater team and dial in to key meetings and are on call to offer advice and recommendation
Weekly support meeting to discuss the performance of the system and possible enhancements. By attending weekly meetings and having login privileges issues are handled very quickly and don’t keep lingering
Get help now Request support pricing Let’s talk about how we can help

* Excluding public holidays and the days between 25 December through 1 January inclusive
** As negotiated for a site specific Service Level Agreement (SLA)
*** At Arcitecta’s absolute discretion

“When we chose Mediaflux, we did so because of the technology, but also because of the people we met from Arcitecta, and this has proven to be the right choice. We truly appreciate the support Arcitecta has given us.”
– A Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Arcitecta custom support options

Looking for a more tailored program of support? Talk to us about how we can deliver the support you need.


Our Solution Arcitects can guide your team in the design, implementation, integration management and support of our products based on our success of scaling solutions in the field, in some of the most demanding environments

Dedicated operations support

An Arcitecta supplied resource can be available remotely and on site as required for mission critical functions such as system upgrades, new deployments, key meetings and developer support. In environments that require a rapid response to operational and special needs, a dedicated operational resource can augment technical staff, triage issues and provide a conduit of information flow to ensure the right Arcitecta core engineer(s) are on hand to solve problems quickly

Dedicated engineering support

Our dedicated engineering support is a valuable add-on for large systems running in a mission critical environment. These on-site technical staff will be intimately familiar with your system architecture and design nuances as well as any special needs to provide critical support, when you need it most. With Arcitecta core engineering resources, you’ll only pay for what you need, without the expense of having dedicated internal staff

System administration services

We have system administration services available delivered by Arcitecta experts. Working directly with your team, we can provide comprehensive operational management of your Mediaflux server/s. Monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrades are included to ensure that your Mediaflux systems are managed proactively and effectively

Extended hours support

We believe all customers should get the support they need, when they need it, which is why we offer two support options to extend your coverage window. The first option simply extends the support envelope to 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the same service levels as our other support tiers. Need more speed? Our second option accelerates the response time from 4 hours to just 1 hour 24/7

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