Sustainability at Arcitecta

Our Commitment

Arcitecta is committed to a future in which it operates sustainably by embracing the art of resource management and actively considering ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable Operations

Energy Generation

The installation of an 18kW solar system on Arcitecta’s head office roof generates and stores power for use that significantly reduces our fossil fuel dependence, and offsets our power consumption.

Say No to Gas

Our office runs completely on sustainable electricity to avoid using fossil fuels in a move towards a carbon neutrality across all our operations.

Considered Value Chain

We prioritise working with companies that are moving toward truly sustainable models because how we do business across the value chain is the most compelling carbon reduction action we can take.

Harvesting Rainwater

We collect the rainwater from the roof of our offices for use in toilets and watering the garden.

Energy Savings

We have upgraded light fittings at the office to LEDs, which use less energy and don’t have to be replaced as often.

Recycling Initiatives

We have implemented a recycling program in our office so that more waste is recycled and less ends up in landfill.

Conscious Travel

When it comes to travel, especially air travel, we evaluate its necessity and make efforts to ensure a trip really counts by finding ways to combine trips and minimising the total distance travelled.

Get in touch to learn about our commitment to sustainability.

All discussions, queries, and feedback about our ethical commitments are actively welcomed.

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